Jetpack Aviation Test Flight at Long Beach - David Perry Photography

Jetpack Aviation Test Flight at Long Beach

Got up at 5AM to make sure to see the first Jetpack Flight on the West Coast (was history in the making) in Long Beach at the Queen Mary.

I was waiting for a while because the Coast Guard seemed stressed with the whole idea, and so I photographed this bird who was patiently waiting with me.  It had ZERO fear of me, I don't know what raising the leg means, it was probably a threat or it thinks it's a dog.  I'm going to guess that it's a Great Blue Heron, sorry if I got that wrong.

I took a photo of the Queen Mary and it looked boring so I fired up Photoshop and added some sky and texture.  (The Brooke Shaden look.)

Then I heard this incredible rumble as the Jetpack took off, the pilot circled for quite a while being filmed by TV crews and was clearly in the danger zone when he started flying higher than his chase helicopter.  (The pilot is brave!)

Watching how well it performed, I want one Santa!

It was an amazing sight and an amazing flight.  Fun way to start a morning!

By the way, if you have $20K to invest, you can fly the jetpack yourself!

_V2A4674v2 @ 6720x4480
_V2A4667_1 @ 6720x4480
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