Phase One IQ3 - David Perry Photography

Got to try a $40,000+ Camera!

I got the chance to attend a Phase One event in Los Angeles (which was really great), they had a big raffle at the end and while everyone was distracted with that, I zipped over for a quick chance to shoot their IQ3 100 Megapixel Camera Back.  This photo below is of one of their staff (thanks for being patient!) and the camera felt like holding some piece of futuristic tech in your hands.

The detail is amazing and at some point I need to do a shoot with one of these to really test it out, but first impressions were "wow!"

All in, the camera, lens, back, and tethered Mac would be over $50K.  That's officially the highest-end camera system I've had a chance to try.  Can't WAIT to see the next model!

Here's a link to their site:

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